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This purifying solid oil soap bar is perfect for cleansing both your face and body. You’ll really enjoy its antioxidant properties. The 100% natural Materia soap is obtained from olive oil and other precious vegetable oils. It’s ideal for all skin types.



Thanks to its being derived from olive and other vegetable oils, this soap will nourish and protect your skin. Organic poppy petals give it a micro-exfoliating texture. This will eliminate toxins and impurities, and leave your skin soft and velvety smooth.
    Materia’s mix of citrusy and aromatic essential oils produce a lovely fragrance filled with energy. Perfect for fighting stress!
Simply dampen the soap with water, and apply it to your skin.
Extra Virgin Biodynamic Olive Oil // Extra Virgin Olive Oil keeps all of its vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids intact. Materia oil comes from olives harvested with the biodynamic method. They are exceptionally healthy and pure. No pesticides, fertilisers or synthetic products are used on soil or plants.
    Organic Poppy Petals // Rich in alkaloids, poppy has antioxidant, anti-aging and soothing properties. Its petals help keep your skin looking young. The texture of the petals also perform a gentle mechanical peeling.
Ethical Babassu Oi // Babassu oil forms a protective layer on your skin. It will control water loss, retaining moisture on your skin. Over time, this has a noticeable softening and hydrating effect. The Babassu used in Materia comes from ethical trade. It plays a vital role in the economy of the Amazon region, because it offers work to local women, They break the nuts so the oil can be extracted.

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