The ultimate Zero Waste gift guide for him

It’s the first thought of upcoming birthdays and holidays when the Other Halves (‘OH’) of this world begin their sleepless nights and endless Googling in the hope of finding that one thing that will make HIS eyes sparkle. Finding a gift for someone who has everything (he’s got you at the end of the day) is the challenge we all need to keep things exciting in 2020, when the world, well, is a little bit different.

Choosing gifts that are ethically made by passionate people is the form of kindness and support the world needs right now. On that note, we curated a list of goodies that we, the peeps behind ZWG use, love and highly recommend to anyone. *** This may or may not mean that I steal Mark’s aftershave balm as well as facewash occasionally (every day) because it just smells too damn good ***


Oway’s exclusive blend is composed entirely of aromatic herbs and botanical elements derived from plants, fruits, flowers and woods. You have to take our word for it: it smells incredible. All ingredients are grown on OWAY’s Italian farm using biodynamic methods and are harvested on-site too with a holistic, ecological and ethical approach in perfect harmony with nature. Cedar Wood, Sicilian Orange and Pink Pepper are amongst the fantastic lineup of ingredients that all contribute to a very unique fragrance.


In 2020, taking good care of facial skin should be a part of every man’s daily routine. This combo will do magic to your loved one’s skin starting with a cleansing mousse to clean and soften the skin, followed by a shaving cream that enables the razor to glide effortlessly.

The gents at ZWG are obsessed with all-natural skincare and this pair of goodies are now solid contributors to their daily (twice a day) cleansing.

FACEWASH: Delivered in a gorgeous, 100% recyclable tube, Oway’s Hydrating Cleansing Mousse removes impurities and excess sebum from both face and beard. The hyaluronic acid it contains will hydrate his skin, and help it stay young and elastic. He’ll enjoy freshness and relief on a daily basis.

SHAVING MOUSSE: Your OH will absolutely love this rich, protective and moisturising creamy shaving mousse. It prepares facial skin to enable the blade to glide effortlessly without the risk of nasty cuts. As all Oway products, this Softening Shaving Cream is rich in soothing and emollient plant-derived agents and it strengthens the skin immune defences thanks to its lovely bio-ferments.


This balm has a gorgeously light yet deeply restorative texture. It will regenerate skin that has been micro-damaged by shavings – such as small nicks and scratches. It also controls excess oiliness, giving the skin a matte appearance whilst evens out and smooths the skin. The bio-ferments will rebuild, fortify and compact his skin. By this point it goes without saying: it smells amazing.

It’s delivered in an elegant black pouch without any unnecessary packaging.

Face and Eye Energising Texture

Whatever his skin type, this anti-ageing emulsion is perfect for his face – especially around the eyes. The rapidly absorbed texture will fight off the signs of ageing by smoothing out any wrinkles he may have. The skin will look and feel compact, elastic and energised. It will also fight oxidative stress and tiredness. The Resurrection plant stimulates cell regeneration and fights free radicals. OWAY’s formula controls excess oiliness, giving your skin a matte appearance.

We hope that you’ve found something in this list that would make him happy. If so, you guys and us, as a community are one step closer again to a ethical, plastic-free future. Thank you for supporting a great cause and we hope your loved one will enjoy the product you’ve selected for them.

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