No secret that I’m a big fan of emerging designers, artists and potters from smaller, design- and art-fueled countries – ironically just like the one I grew up in. Hungary is extremely close to my heart and will always call it home. I adore its emerging street culture, its art and design scene and famously, its food and wine.

I am trying to be an ambassador for everything Hungarian, simply because the whole World should know how much art, design and taste we’re offering. I also firmly believe that being comfortable and happy at home is where mindful living begins. So…

I’ve curated my feel-good brands and webshops here, because you just have to know about them. You’ll be better for it.

They are all sustainable, ethical and beautiful artisans, trailblazers, believers, dreamers, artists. They make the World a better place.

Pauza Mood

To Zoli and Évi, founders of Pauza webshop, the word “pauza” describes the essence of slowing down, taking a break, being aware and living slowly – exactly how they imagined it. Shortly after leaving their corporate jobs behind to see what was on the other side of fear, they embarked on a journey around the World… which changed everything. It encouraged them to live differently.

Thanks to this World adventure, their beautiful webshop was born. It houses gorgeous, ethically-made homeware that is inspired by those famous slowdown moments. Every single hand-made piece raises awareness of conscious shopping with their very unique story to tell. The webshop only works with eco-friendly materials made by responsible manufacturers and artists.

Pauza Mood on instagram.

My absolute favorite is this stunning tableware created by the brand’s extremely talented ceramic artist, Enikő Kontor.

Kontor Enikő kerámia
Photo by Pauza

Ksenia Wallenstein, Ceramic artist and Recycling designer

This girl is magic. I can’t stop looking at her creations: stunningly deep Earth colors featuring beautiful shapes and textures. Ksenia Wallenstein‘s recent claim to fame is a series of mugs to reflect on the present situation for generations to come. Present situation? Living in self-isolation. The mugs are simple yet beautiful – neat, cool, steely grey and dusty white, you could say industrial design. The words stamped into the surface echo what we all have heard so frequently in the past weeks: stay home, wash your hands, self-isolation both in English and Hungarian.

And your stories

Andyourstories‘ beautiful soy candles are hand-made in a Budapest workshop. They are all ethical using vegan, environmentally friendly ingredients. These soy wax candles are made with 100% pure soy wax, a mixture of vegan and phthalate-free essential and scented oils, as well as eco-cotton wicks for clear burning, which is also primed with 100% pure soy wax.

Each of these minimalist candles are preservative, petroleum and cruelty-free vegan products. There is no plastic in the packaging either which makes this brand ever more awesome.

I absolutely love that they curate a box for each month with a different theme. April was an Aromatherapy box, whilst March was Bring Us Spring package in a funky, colorful box. Their individual items are just as amazing with lots of beautiful fragrance and character, like the naked candles to choose from.

Also shows how good they are is the fact that they were chosen to make soy candles for the Fall/Winter 20 Nanusha show at Paris Fashion Week.

Stoneware soy candle – photo: andyourstories.com

Hope I’ve managed to give you a piece of Eastern European style with these stunning pieces and amazing stories. Stay tuned, more to come.

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